Credit Repair Companies Reviews – See Who Is The Best and Why

With so many credit repair companies offering different tools to consumers, choosing the best company for you can be very challenging. To make your work easier, here are 5 of the best credit restoration agencies reviewed by AAACreditGuide.

Lexington Law

lexingtonlaw.comLexington Law is a licensed and bonded law firm that was established in 1991. With more than 25 years of experience in credit repair, the company has served over 500,000 clients to date. Here’s a detailed review about it.

Time Frame –The company takes about 4 months to repair your credit. However, this may vary based on the number of items on your credit report that you need to dispute. Lexington Law promises to remove a total of 10 items on your credit report per month.

Cost – The company does not charge an initial setup fee, but you need to pay $ 79.95 per month to use their services. Note the company can pull your credit reports for you.

Reputation – The company’s BBB rating may only be A-, but they still offer one of the best services in the credit repair industry.

Guarantee – Lexington Law does not offer a money back guarantee. However, they will charge you till they finish all the work they agreed to do for you.

Customer Service and Support – The company boasts has the best customer support. Their friendly representatives are available 24/7 to answer your questions and concerns.

Program Details – Lexington Law offer free credit score and credit report summary to both new and current subscribers. In addition, it does not lock its customers into a contract, which allows you can cancel their service at any time. They also provide monthly identity theft protection and credit monitoring, and work with 3 credit bureaus and your creditors.


Free credit score and credit report summary More than 25 years of experience You can cancel the service any time The company offers $50 discount in the first month to couples who sign for the service at the same time No set up fee required


There’s no money back guarantee provided.

Overall, the expertise, excellent customer support, good reputation and flexibility of Lexington Law makes it is a top choice for those who are in need credit repair.

Sky Blue Credit

SkyBlueCredit.comHaving been in business since 1989, Sky Blue Credit has over 20 years of experience in the credit repair industry. The company promises to restore your credit within 6 months. Here’s a detailed review of Sky Blue Credit:

Time Frame – The company works to restore your credit within an average of 6 months. However, the time frame can be shorter or longer depending on your specific situation. It disputes 15 items at once on your credit report across 3 credit bureaus.

Cost and Fees – Using Sky Blue Credit Repair services costs only $59 per month. When you enroll with the program, you’re also charged $59 set up fee. Couples also get a 17% couples discount off their monthly and setup fees when they sign up together.

Reputation – The company has a A+ BBB rating (Better Business Bureau), a sign of its excellent reputation.

Guarantee – Sky Blue provides a full 90-day money back guarantee that entitles you to a full refund of your money in case you are not satisfied with the results you get.

Customer Service and Support – The company’s customer service representatives are very friendly and responsive to phone call and emails. In addition, they take their time to explain to you what their service is all about without hard-selling.

Program Details – The company doesn’t provide clients with all the fancy features other companies offer. For instance, you won’t be able to track your progress or monitor your credit. However, they work with several credit bureaus that will provide you with these services at a small monthly fee. Pros · You can cancel the service at any time · The provide a 90-day money back guarantee · The company has over 20 years of experience and A+ BBB rating · It has excellent customer service and affordable prices. Cons · It depends on third-party companies for credit pull and monitoring, which you need to pay for separately. · It does not work with your creditors in clearing your credit disputes. Overall, the quality customer service, competitive prices, money-back guarantee and good couple’s discount of Sky Blue Credit Repair make it one of the best credit repair companies to consider. is increasingly becoming popular with those who have bad credit. They provide several useful features and good quality educational resources on topics related to finance and credit.

Time Frame – The company works to restore your credit within an average of 4 months. However, this may vary based on your situation. It is important to note that the company disputes all the items on your credit report that you want to challenge

Cost and Fees – Using the services of this company costs $99.95 per month. However, there is no setup fees charged. Your credit report is pulled by the company for a one-time fee of $14.99, after which there are no extra charges. And if you sign with your partner, each of you gets a $50 discount off your first payment.

Reputation – The company has a BBB rating of A+.

Guarantee – does not offer a money back guarantee.

Customer Service and Support – provides several useful features as well as good educational resources on topics related to finance and credit on their website. However, their customer service representatives are not responsive to emails from customers.

Program Details – The company works together with credit bureaus and your creditors and provides monthly identity theft protection and credit monitoring. In addition, They obtain your credit report for you, but at a small fee. If you are not happy with the service, you can cancel anytime without being penalized.


The company offers a discount of $50 in the first month to couples who sign together It provides great educational resources on finance and credit on its website You can cancel the service any time you want The company obtains your credit report on your behalf


They lack in customer service. They don’ provide money back guarantee.

Overall, is a great choice for those who want both credit repair and monthly credit monitoring.


The Credit People

thecreditpeople.comThe Credit People has skilled workforce dedicated in helping you improve your credit score. It provides competitive prices, money-back guarantee, educational materials and much more. Here’s a detailed review:

Time Frame

This company takes about 6-7 months working with clients to restore their credit. However, this may change based on the items you want disputed and your specific situation. In addition, the total number of items removed on your credit report per month varies depending on the plan you’ll create together with them during free consultation they provide.

Cost  – The company charges an initial setup fee of $19 and a monthly fee of $59. In addition, pulls your credit report for you for free. Couples who sign up together also receive a total of $40 discount off their first month’s payment.

Reputation – The company’s BBB rating may only be C-.

Guarantee – The Credit People offers a full money back guarantee on its services, which entitles you to a full refund if you’re not satisfied.

Customer Service and Support – Their customer service representatives are very willing to provide any information you ask accurately. They respond well to phone calls but don’t reply emails.

Program Details – The service lacks some features you’d expect in a credit repair company for instance, identity theft protection, monthly credit monitoring. However, it works with your creditors to ensure all the negative items are permanently removed from your credit report. They also allow you to cancel the service whenever you want.


They provide money back guarantee You can cancel the service at any time without penalty They provide great educational materials They offer a total couples discount of $40 in the first month. They have friendly and helpful customer representatives. They pull your credit card report for you.


They don’t respond to emails. They lack some advanced features.

Overall, The Credit People may not have many program features, but their prices are competitive, and representatives are helpful. In addition, they allow you to cancel the service without penalty, and provide a money back guarantee. For these reasons, they are highly recommended.

After reading the above credit repair companies reviews, it should be much easier for you to choose the right company that will provide you with the best services.

Personal Financial Planning – What You Oughta Know

Personal financial planning has become more and more important nowadays, as the expenses for individuals and families keep growing. How to Create a Personal Financial Calendar is a question that comes to mind next, since it sounds complicated and normally people don’t spend time with their financial planning.

Management Is Easy – If You Understand These Elements

Managing your finances can nowadays be done online with the help of some handy software, which will keep track of all the expenses you have put in and calculate your taxes, tax returns and possible savings per period of your choice.
It can also be done with Google Calendars as well, which is useful because most people use Google for their emails anyway. It just synchronizes all the information you have put in, it is easy to access from your phone or tablet and you can keep an eye on your finances no matter where you are, providing you have an internet connection.

Managing finances

However the question How to Create a Personal Financial Calendar can be answered by creating your own personal financial diary. The information you will need to write down starts with your regular financial obligations — both income and things, which need to be paid.

Salary — depends on how often you get paid, either monthly, weekly etc.

• Any other regular income, such as pensions, benefits, alimony, or any other regular income The next planning step is to write down all the regular expenses you know of, such as

Bills — not just how much money you need to pay, but the date as well to help you keep track (should include rent, if you are renting, or mortgage)

Groceries — do a regular shop, see how much you have spent and then see where you can start saving money by cutting out products or buying cheaper substitutes.

Car payments and expenses go into a separate column (write down how much money you need to pay for insurance and your MOT and when the money is due to be paid)

If you have children, expenses related to children have a separate column.
Now that you have written down (or typed in, if you decide to use software or an application) your expenses, you can predict how much money you will be able to delegate to Entertainment or any other expenses which are not mandatory, but will happen eventually (for example, Christmas or birthday gifts, holidays etc.) and need a certain amount of money set aside for that reason.

How to Create a Personal Financial Calendar is a question everyone should ask, and it is easier to keep track of finances than it is sometimes to stick to your own budget. Financial planning will save you energy and will help you save money for the future as well.

Fisheries Management Best Home Based Business

Fisheries Management Best Horne Based Business Now conditions, one of the best home based business that is fisheries business means we will get more benefits without investing more Money and capital investment Also low.. And most important thing is market having good demands for fish, with good rate per kilograms. For start this business get some fish seeds from market and Buy also tank and put seeds in to tank in market there is fish foods available called Nitros just buy it and give to fish. After one week water should be changed and fill fresh water. One important thing is sun rays should be covered 25 percent water.

How Much Can I really Make with This Business?

After 1 one weeks you will see the small seeds become big fish and after 6 months each fish having 1 kilograms or more and market value for each piece is more than $1 so in one tank you can get 2000 fish, means within 6 months you will get More than $2000 with low investment and less efforts. This is about fish business now times beginning to management, I am calling it management because if try to more earn then there is need for management.


After getting first production it’s time to expand your business, now we will sale fish seeds to another one and make more income we can get 1000 small fish within a 1 week Called fish seeds and sale it to $500 means within 1 months we can earn $2000 now, before that we have to spend 6 months for $2000 but now we are earnings it within 1 months so now we can now make both side on seeds and production.

Next, one is now we have to export our fish so in market hydraulic machines are easily available we just have to buy it and pack our fish with that and now we have to export it means now we are selling our fish out of country and will give us double income but that we have to going through drugs and safety process means we have proved it that our fish is healthy and eat to safety.

Another one things we can sales our fish from home, we just have to make a good websites and put it our rates and pictures of or small business and contact number also after getting Call we have to deliver our product to the door of customer. It is one of best option for home based marketing and sales without taking any efforts, so this is a home based business and I have show you to do it.